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Endurance / Agility

Endurance - AgilityChildren perform a wide range of movement activities: standing, walking, running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, starting, stopping, kicking, throwing, and climbing. All of these activities involve smooth, rhythmic motions and are performed in concert to achieve a function task.  The physical therapists at Pediatric Potentials apply complex treatment techniques to improve a child’s agility, which enhances their performance in sports and recreational activities.  With the overall decreased physical activity in our society today, many children are finding it difficult to sustain prolonged physical activity for gym, sports and family recreational activities like bike riding, roller blading, skiing and hiking.  As part of a physical therapy program, our therapists will focus on improving your child’s agility and endurance to enhance their overall performance and ability to participate in all areas of life.


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