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Orthopedic Concerns

A few of the common orthopedic diagnoses our therapists evaluate and treat include scoliosis, torticollis and lower extremity/foot irregularities such as toe in/out, flat feet, high arches, bow legs, and knocked knee. Aesthetically, these common orthopedic issues can significantly impact a child’s esteem and confidence.  Functionally, they can interfere with balance/coordination and gross motor skill acquisition.  Pain is also associated with these orthopedic conditions.  When indicated, our therapists will consult with orthopedists, physiatrists (doctors of physical medicine and rehabilitation), podiatrists and orthotists to ensure the best functional outcome for your child. We focus on improving mobility, strength, and function, and create individualized programs to support your child’s success at home, school and in the activities of daily living.   


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